Cultural Studies

The Montessori Elementary Curriculum

Is a comprehensive sweep through time and place, kicking off with the First Great Lesson of how God created everything. When presented the big picture, children will inevitably hunger with questions and jump to fill in details for themselves. Between the ages of 6-12, they ask big questions: “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” We shall seek and find answers rooted in God’s love for us. Children proceed through the cosmos by means of the natural sciences: astronomy, geography, life forms, geology, chemistry and physics. Students observe the beauty and sacred interconnectedness of every living and non-living thing.​

Peace Education

All learning in Montessori coalesces upon the foundation of Peace Education. May our wonder and curiosity always be grounded in empathy and grace. We begin lower elementary studies by investigating the fundamental needs of all humans. In good storytelling fashion, together we marvel at how differently people groups through the ages and still today meet these needs, pointing to our membership in one human family as children of God. From people who speak different languages to the range of factors that sustain the varied forms of life we know – it all makes for an intricate and lovely dance, one in which we all participate.

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Hands-On Activities

Wide-ranging cultural studies link history and geography to the child’s personal experiences and form a launch pad from which they explore further. From making paper and writing in cuneiform to exploring simple machinery, building an arch, or learning ancient calligraphy – hands-on activities allow children to experiment and ask questions as they form their inner picture of a logical universe. Rather than just presenting facts from history, introductions are offered so children may get to know and relate to brave and resourceful adventurers of the past. The goal is to connect with history and be inspired to likewise attempt great things.